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How to order groceries from Brown & Greens
Create an account

Sign up using your Facebook, Google, or email address.

Shop products

Browse through thousands of products and select a delivery slot.

Choose a time

Select a suitable and specific time for delivery.

Complete order

Complete the payment and receive the order within the selected time slot.

Features you’ll love
2 hour turnaround

Once your order is placed, your delivery can arrive within as little as two hours.

Fresh or free

Great quality produce is our highest priority, so if it’s not fresh, it’s free.

No minimum order

Whether it’s a week’s groceries or just a tube of toothpaste, we’ve got you covered.

Easy to use

Our grocery delivery app means your order can be on its way after just a few clicks.

Competitive pricing

With weekly deals and special promos, we match the best products with the best prices.

Secure payments

Feel safe about your payments with CommBank 3D Secure Payment Gateway.

Our Karma Process
Why Karma?

It’s our way of giving back to the communities we’re a part of.

It’s an act of kindness and generosity from our customers who donate food they no longer need.

We aim to make the donation process as easy and rewarding as possible.

How does it work?

By donating products for charity, you will be rewarded with points based on the product and price of what you’ve donated.

The points can be redeemed as discounts on the Brown & Greens app.


These items are from the least expensive category (pasta, rice, flour, long-life milk).


These items are from the less expensive category (canned vegetable and fish, tea and coffee).


These items are from the most expensive category (dry and canned fruits).

Frequently asked questions
What is Brown & Greens?

Brown & Greens is an Australian company in the business of delivering groceries and more to its customers. We aim to provide products that are of high quality, produce that is fresh and locally sourced and deliver them to you within 2 hours or at your chosen delivery time.

What range of products do you sell?

You can choose from a range of products from different categories like fruits, vegetables, dairy, health and beauty, household, pet food, accessories and much more. Check out our application. (Download link).

How much do deliveries cost?

All deliveries carry a flat A $4.99 fee.

What suburbs do you currently operate in?

Brown & Greens currently operates in a limited number of suburbs, you can check your suburb eligibility here. (Suburb check link)

What are your trading hours?

You can order 24/7 through our app and we operate between 6AM – 11PM.

Can any changes be made to the order before and after order confirmation?

You can edit the items in your cart before checkout. However, once the order is confirmed and your order is scheduled to be delivered ‘within 2 hours’ you will not be able to edit or cancel the order. If the order is scheduled to be delivered for any time-slot other than within 2 hours, it can be changed/edited before 1 hour of the time-slot selected. For example, if the delivery slot is selected as Thur, 6PM to 8PM, it can only be edited until Thur, 4:59 PM, after which the order cannot be edited.

How can I be sure of the quality of the products that are delivered?

Brown & Greens has a quality check process to ensure that the products delivered to you are of the highest quality. Should you find any discrepancies, you can always contact us (Contact us link) within 24 hours via phone or email.

Can I schedule an order at my convenient time?

Apart from our quickest option of delivery –‘within 2 hours’, you can select any time slot of your choice from anytime between 8AM until 10PM for any day of the week.

Is there a minimum amount required to place an order?

There is no minimum order value required to place an order. You can order what you want and decide how much you want.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us at [email protected] or message us on our Facebook Page.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Currently, we accept only major credit card providers. The payment can be made using these cards during checkout which will be directed via a secured payment gateway.

How can I view my order receipt?

The receipt for the order can be viewed under My Order > Delivered Orders.

Cancellations & Returns
What is the process to cancel an order?

Unfortunately, if a two-hour time slot is selected, the order cannot be cancelled or refunded. But, if it is ordered outside the ‘two-hour time slot’, a cancellation can be made one hour before the chosen time slot.

Is there a possibility to reschedule an order?

Yes, you can reschedule your order for any time-slot other than within 2 hours. The order can be rescheduled before 1 hour of the time-slot selected. For example, if the delivery slot is selected as Thur, 6PM to 8PM, it can only be rescheduled until Thur, 4:59:59 PM, after which the order cannot be rescheduled/edited. You can click on Edit order (which can be found under My Orders > Upcoming Order) and once you click on checkout it will again ask you to select a Delivery time-slot.

Can I return a part or a complete order?

Currently, the application cannot process returns on the order. However, for any complaints regarding your order you can contact us via phone or email within 24 hours.

How can I provide feedback or log a complaint if there is an issue?

Feedback or a complaint can be logged using the feedback feature within the application or you can contact us via phone or email for assistance.

What are your delivery charges?

Currently, the delivery charges are $4.99 per delivery irrespective of any delivery slot selected. For example, the delivery charges would be same for ‘within 2 hours’ and for any other time-slot selected during checkout.

What are your hours of operation?

Currently, our hours of operation are 6AM to 11PM every day of the week. However, you can place an order at your convenience via the application and select a suitable delivery time-slot.

Can the address for my delivery be different from what I have registered?

Yes, the delivery address can be different from the address recorded during registration. However, a suburb check needs to be performed before changing the delivery address to ensure it is within the Brown & Greens’ delivery locations.

What if I do not receive my delivery in the scheduled time?

Brown & Greens aims to deliver all orders within the scheduled time. High standard processes are used to ensure that the order is delivered in the scheduled time. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, should your order be delayed our customer support executive will keep you updated about the changes in the time of delivery. Should you have any issues, you can always contact us via phone or email within 24 hours.

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